2 Secrets to Serenity – During Holidays

If you’re like many of us, you’d love to experience more CONTROL in your life –– more control of your health, more control of your income, more control of politics (whew! Let’s not even go there)… as well as more control of the health and well-being of your LOVED ones….


4 TIPS for “Stress-LESS” Holidays

Have you noticed that combining unrealistically HIGH EXPECTATIONS with the chaotic pressure of the season is a “perfect recipe” to create holiday stress? In addition, when insecurities are stirred into the mix, the natural joyful flavor of the season… often soggily sinks to the bottom. Can you relate? I sure…

Courage, Wisdom, & Light

COURAGE A heartfelt ABILITY to combine boundaries with OPENNESS. To keep RESPONDING to life’s lessons by allowing LAYERS of experience to transform STRUGGLES into pearls of WISDOM. Know that, you have unique skills, along with: COURAGE, WISDOM and LIGHT to share… and the world needs YOU. —  T. Swerdlow  …