Mindful Meditation


Several hundred studies confirm that a twenty-minute daily meditation practice can improve your psychological state, maximize your mental performance, and lower stress.

Trina is a Meditation Teacher with over twenty-five years of personal meditation experience. She teaches Beginning Meditation privately and in groups. In addition, she teaches Advanced Meditation privately.

Many of Trina’s high-energy, stressed clients had tried meditating before coming to see Trina, but complained that it was impossible to quiet their “busy minds” during meditation.

After a private or group session, learning Trina’s Beginning Meditation Method, most of these high-energy, stressed clients were able to slow down and successfully begin a daily meditation practice.

Scientific research provides concrete evidence showing that meditation has many physical and psychological benefits. Brain scans, EEGs, and blood tests are only some of the scientific research methods used in these studies.

What are Potential Benefits of Meditation?

  • Lowered blood pressure
  • Reduced stress-related diseases (including heart disease)
  • Decreased depression
  • Lessened physical pain from back injury and arthritis
  • Decreased anxiety
  • Increased stamina
  • Boosted energy levels
  • Improved coordination and motor skills
  • Increased creativity
  • Heightened ability to concentrate



Journaling is the act of putting pen to paper and giving your inner landscape a voice. Your writing voice can help you access whatever is quietly (or noisily) stirring in your gut.

Journaling is an invitation to move below the surface of your exterior — beyond your name, gender, profession, and titles.

When your innermost thoughts and feelings take form through the written word you are invited to ask and discover, “Who am I and how am I feeling — really?”

Journaling is scientifically shown to lower stress and improve health.

The stress release comes when you embrace and then let go of your frustrations and worries. As a result, you are not keeping your stresses pent-up and internalized — they come out into the LIGHT of day to be recognized, processed, and released.

Writing freely, without worrying about spelling, grammar, or punctuation, can be a direct line to your juice-filled essence.

And giving yourself permission to emote on paper can be good for your soul!

If you enjoy journaling already and would like to begin creative writing, then Trina can work with you in private sessions. And, if you have a creative goal you would like to pursue (like writing magazine articles or a book), then Trina can be your Creativity Coach.

Learn to MEDITATE and JOURNAL so that you can begin experiencing the health benefits.

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