Trina’s Fine Art

Trina’s Legacy of LIGHT Portraits consist of fine art paintings that honor people who have deeply inspired her. In these portraits, Trina shares colorful, impressionistic interpretations of each subject.

Frida Kahlo’s
Courageous Transformational Life

Her first painting in the series honors Mexico’s most famous 20th Century woman artist, the beloved Frida Kahlo (1907-1954). Trina’s mixed-media painting captures Frida’s colorful spirit and remarkable inner strength.

In this video you’ll see Trina unveil her painting at the Jennifer Perlmutter Gallery in Lafayette, California. Like Frida, Trina understands how creating expressive art can serve as a tool to courageously embrace:

Trina’s Original Painting: 18” x 24”
Mixed Media: Acrylic and colored pencil


“Frida Kahlo’s Courageous Transformational Life” painting © 2018 Trina Swerdlow
Portrait Unveiling Video © 2018 Susan Garell
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