Decluttering: A Breath of Fresh Air!

As our cool weather winds down, we come out of our cozy caves, stretch, and feel the warmth of the sun. When our muscles and limbs warm up, we receive a surge of new energy. After a good afternoon frolic in the sun, we have an opportunity to return to our caves with fresh eyes. As a result, when we see our environments with renewed vision, we may become inspired to do some releasing.

The great thing about a seasonal decluttering is that we are given an opportunity to assess what physically inhabits our caves (aka: homes). For example, we FIRST clarify what is currently serving us and still belongs in our environment.

The SECOND step is to determine what is no longer serving us and give it away, sell it, or have it recycled. If we have objects or “keepsakes” to release that have sentimental value, then we can consider taking photos of each one and creating a photo album to contain and honor the memory of these treasures.

After we’ve made some space, we can then take the fun THIRD step of inviting in whatever else we need. This is the time to consider if there are new things we want to add into the existing mix. The exciting opportunity here is that we can each update our environment so that it resonates with who we are today.

So there you have it,
the act of Decluttering:
Releasing & Refreshing!

Next, check out this “refreshed” kitchen cabinet in my home.
I love opening this cabinet and seeing all the FUN colors!

Now, if you need help decluttering your home or office, here are three Netflix shows that are sure to inspire:

  • Sparking Joy with Marie Kondo
  • Get Organized with The Home Edit
  • Queer Eye: More Than a Makeover
    I LOVE this series. Here is one of my favorite Queer Eye episodes: Season 6, “Gimme Shelter.”

If you need more help than a television show can provide, then consider hiring a member of NAPO: National Association of Productivity & Organizing Professionals. I hired a fabulous member five years ago (thank you Connie Anderson), who has since moved out of California. Her expertise was irreplaceable when I downsized. If you want to search for a NAPO member in your city/state:

–> Click here.

The good news is, when we dive in to declutter our homes (and offices), we are honoring what we need in this MOMENT and in this chapter of our lives.

Finally, from this refreshed and recharged place we can declare that:

truly is a breath of fresh air

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