Embracing Change: Moving Forward & Trusting Yourself

If you’re like many of us, you’d love to experience more control in your lifemore control of the pandemic, more control of your income, more control of your personal rights, and more control of the wellbeing of your loved ones.

Yes, our Wish Lists for wanting to be “more in control” could most likely go on for pages and pages. Right?

Meanwhile, grasping for more and more control in our lives can be exhausting. Consider this, embracing change can have a much smoother flow when we tap into:


Trusting that, we will keep moving forward even when we’re uncomfortable or navigating turbulent waters.

Trusting ourselves to know when to return to shore (and rest), regain our bearings, or gather positive resources/tools (including warm hands to hold) before diving back into the ocean…once again.

So, thinking about your own life:

How willing are you to trust yourself today as you embrace change and move forward?

Are you able to move forward with courage and roll up your sleeves to work for what you want and believe in?

As you may already know, I grew up in an extremely abusive home. Hiding in the “creative worlds” of the art I made (when alone in my bedroom) saved my life.

Thankfully, decades ago, I stepped onto a healing path that offered tools and support. That’s when I no longer needed to continue holding the TOXIC SECRETS inside myself.

I found my VOICE and took my power back in a wounded family programmed to pass on ancestral trauma. At this point, I was not willing to deny my truths or enable a severely wounded family system.

That’s when I made painful choices about who and what behaviors I would allow in my life. Then I set clear boundaries.

After hearing a bit of my personal story here, I encourage you to nourish the areas in your life today that increase your sense of safety and fulfillment, including connecting to like-minded people.

And please, hold on to affecting change in areas larger than yourself. Let’s continue to find nonviolent ways to create the important changes that we believe are worth fighting for.

In this way, owning our power and saying “yes” to life is a sign that:


We possess the ability
to DEEPEN our roots,
SPROUT new leaves &
for the empowering
of the SUN…

again &


I hope you embrace CHANGE while moving forward and TRUSTING yourself.

Finally, remember the inspiring words of the Dalai Lama: “If you think you are too small to make a difference, try sleeping with a mosquito.”

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