Trina Swerdlow is a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, an award-winning artist, a nondenominational Minister, and the AUTHOR of Stress Reduction Journal — Meditate & Journal Your Way to Better Health.

Trina is one of the contributing AUTHORS of the International Best-Selling Book:

The Grandmother Legacies. Her chapter is called: Childhood Safe Havens — Grandma Rose and Expressive Art.

Trina has had a private practice for 17 years — she specializes in stress management and weight loss. She is a Meditation Teacher with over twenty-five years of personal meditation experience.

The stress-reducing tools that she offers address the MIND, BODY, and SPIRIT.

Additional tools she offers include guided imagery, clinical hypnotherapy, sand play, voice dialogue, assertive communication, and Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT). Trina receives many referrals from doctors and psychotherapists.

As a Transformational Thought Leader — Trina has written over 50 articles
for ALIVE magazine and spoken on various stages
throughout SF Bay Area.

Her tools and compassionate support have helped her clients emotionally prepare for surgery as well as manage the painful side effects of chemotherapy for breast cancer. She has also helped hundreds of people through her own practice and through classes she taught at John Muir Women’s Health Center.

Radio Host DOCTOR and AUTHOR, LEN SAPUTO, has this to say about Trina:

“In a powerful testimonial to her authenticity, Trina Swerdlow has combined what she has learned through her own personal life challenges with a lifelong commitment to helping others.

“She empowers us to own both our power and vulnerabilities, thereby claiming our own AUTHENTICITY.”

In addition to the stress management tools, Trina is thrilled to offer Weight Loss 18 Minutes — a program that harnesses the power of the unconscious mind and doesn’t require WILLPOWER! Her unique program teaches people how to nourish the “hungers of the HEART.”

Finally, her diverse skills, meditation experience, art, and writing come together as the Transformational Tools that Trina soulfully shares with her clients today. The innovative methods she offers in her private practice are 12-step compatible.

Trina LOVES sharing practical tools
that EMPOWER people
to move toward their personal
and professional goals!

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