Weight Loss 18 Minutes


This program is called Weight Loss 18 Minutes because it takes about 18 minutes a day to use the primary tools.

It’s not a “diet” — it is designed to create a healthy lifestyle that provides long-term results. Most other weight loss programs address only the “Conscious Mind.” However, Weight Loss 18 Minutes addresses both the “Conscious Mind”… AND harnesses the POWER of the “Unconscious Mind.”

And the GOOD NEWS is,
you don’t need tons of willpower to get results
on this INSPIRING path!

Weight Loss 18 Minutes will show you how to break
“emotional eating” cycles — that include “grabbing and gulping” —
so you can OUTSMART unhealthy cravings
and feel EMPOWERED!


Relaxing, guided imagery audios are central to our program. “Ahhh…”
Weight Loss 18 Minutes uses a ~ GARDENING THEME ~
that offers SEEDS to NOURISH and CULTIVATE…

Healthy Eating Behaviors and Confidence —
so that you can reach your goals!

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