Thera-Tool Figure

~ A Powerful Tool for Projective Therapy ~

By Trina Swerdlow, BFA, CCHT

The Thera-Tool Figure is a 5 foot tall canvas, hand-sewn doll designed for working with adults individually or in groups.

This tool enables clients to externalize a particular person and the messages and behaviors that the person represents.

By speaking their truth, role-playing, or through aggression release work — clients have an opportunity to “take their power back” in ways far beyond what talking to an empty chair can provide.

The purpose of the Thera-Tool Figure is to promote free expression of your client’s innermost thoughts and feelings while in a safe, therapeutic container.


 ~ Introductory Short VIDEO ~

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The Thera-Tool Figure comes with an inspiring booklet:

A Guide for Professionals”

This booklet illustrates specific role-play and sentence completion exercises
that offer a variety of ways to do creative counseling with your ADOLESCENT and ADULT clients.
Thera-Tool Figure can also be used for imaginative play therapy with CHILDREN.

Each 5 foot tall Thera-Tool Figure,
comes complete with the 28-page booklet.


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Foreword from Booklet

By Ron Luyet, M.A., M.F.C.C.
Co-Author of Where Freedom Begins

“The aim of therapy is to create a climate in which individuals can come to know their own personal truth, realize that they can make choices, open to deeper levels of awareness and cultivate an attitude of kindness toward their own inner work.

A key element in these explorations is the uncovering and working through of “old” and “distorted” beliefs adopted unconsciously in childhood.

I have found the Thera-Tool™ Figure to be an excellent aid in helping clients explore this territory. The therapy process can become more engaging when a material tool is brought into the work.

The very act of
introducing a physical object
into therapy is POWERFUL
because it breaks the client’s
usual set about
‘I’m just going to do this
in my head.’

It often loosens the emotional energy in the room. Most clients have developed expectations of how they are going to explore their issues and consequently remain overly safe by staying in their heads and chairs.

The Thera-Tool Figure allows a client to externalize a particular person and the old messages that person represents. It sets up a more immediate and ALIVE dynamic that makes current issues or problems become “real” in the moment.

I have also found the Thera-Tool Figure useful in making new, positive aspects of one’s identity more real. For example, when the client is asked to dialogue with an inner guide, protector or Higher Self, having the Thera-Tool Figure represent that image can add a dimension of realism that is difficult to attain in any other way.

Very special moments emerge as clients learn to
guide, protect, and REASSURE
old wounded parts
of themselves.

I recommend that other therapists acquaint themselves with the dramatic opportunities offered by the use of the Thera-Tool Figure, and hope that they will incorporate this simple device into their practice with clients.”


Have Questions?
We would love to hear from you:
or call: (925) 285-5759


(prices and payment options available upon request)
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