Thera-Tool Figure

~ A Powerful Tool for Projective Therapy ~

By Trina Swerdlow, BFA, CCHT

The Thera-Tool Figure is a 5 foot tall canvas, hand-sewn doll designed for working with adults individually or in groups.

This tool enables clients to externalize a particular person and the messages and behaviors that the person represents.

By speaking their truth, role-playing, or through aggression release work — clients have an opportunity to “take their power back” in ways far beyond what talking to an empty chair can provide.

The purpose of the Thera-Tool Figure is to promote free expression of your client’s innermost thoughts and feelings while in a safe, therapeutic container.


The Thera-Tool Figure comes with an inspiring booklet:

A Guide for Professionals”

This booklet illustrates specific role-play and sentence completion exercises
that offer a variety of ways to do creative counseling with your ADOLESCENT and ADULT clients.
Thera-Tool Figure can also be used for imaginative play therapy with CHILDREN.

Each 5 foot tall Thera-Tool Figure,
comes complete with the 28-page booklet.

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