~ Hello there ~

Welcome to this private “get acquainted” web page.
I’m glad you’re here!

First, I would like to:
  • Share a bit about my Greeting Card Publishing Background
  • Introduce you to my book: Stress Reduction Journal: Meditate & Journal Your Way to Better Health
  • Present my newest character creation OM (stands for One Moment) — OM loves to inspire MINDFULNESS!

But let me back up, this first photo is a sampling of some of the greeting card CHARACTERS I’ve designed for the gift industry as a full-time Art Director and later as the owner of my own design firm: Swerdlow Designs.

Since moving on from designing greeting cards a couple of decades ago to pursue a WELLNESS profession, most of these characters are no longer in production. But, they are all ALIVE and well in a spinner rack in my home — LOL!

And, beyond my “private collection,” I located a few vintage Trixie character greeting cards on ebay recently. Trixie is in the top row of the photo (hair ablaze), on the left side of the yellow cat. You may recognize one character immediately (lower right card in above photo): I conceptualized Spottie Dottie for Sanrio (Hello Kitty Publisher).

I am currently looking for an AWESOME CATALOG COMPANY to sell a Meditation Book I wrote and my new MINDFULNESS character OM. I’m passionate about:

Creating Products

~ mind-body-spirit ~

Sound on video above. : )  Meet OM.


Photos above and below are two examples of possible catalog GIFT SETS. Each set could include an OM product (pillow above and mug below), my Stress Reduction Journal, and a candle.

Now that I’ve piqued your curiosity, I will follow up re: your interest in setting up a meeting to chat about OM and my book.

Or feel free to email me: info@TrinaSwerdlow.com or text/call: 925-285-5759.

And to see more of the current OM product line — aprons, travel mugs, acrylic ART blocks,
(scroll below the “Meet OM” video to see these exciting products)

I look forward to connecting and discussing possible CREATIVE collaborations.


Trina Swerdlow, BFA, CCHT
Author, Artist, Mindfulness Coach

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